View mismatches or modeling errors for Libraries or IP can seriously delay an IC design project. Because of the still increasing number of different views required tsupport a state of the art deep submicron design flow, as well as the complexity of the views themselves, Library and IP integrity checking has become a mandatory step before the actual design can start.

Crossfire helps CAD teams and IC designers in performing integrity validation for Libraries and IP. Crossfire makes sure that the information represented in the various views is consistent across the views and does not contain anomalies originating from e.g. failing characterization scripts.

Supported formats:

  • Cadence DFII layout & schematic views
  • Open Access layout & schematic views
  • Milky-Way CEL, FRAM & CON views
  • Verilog
  • Tetramax
  • VHDL
  • Liberty NLDM
  • Liberty NLPM
  • Liberty NLNM
  • Liberty CCS
  • Liberty ECSM
  • Timing Library Format (.tlf)
  • LEF
  • PLIB
  • SLIB
  • CDL
  • FastScan
  • PDF
  • HTML
  • All ASCII user Defined Formats

Check Features:

  • Checks occurence and correctness of cells, pins and terminals, e.g.:
  • Do all schematic pins occur as terminals in layout and abstract views?
  • Cross-checks delay tables, delay path conditions, setup and hold-times, e.g.:
  • Are all delay arcs from Liberty present in Verilog?
  • Checks consistency of Liberty characterization data, e.g.:
  • Are CCS peak currents increasing with capacitance?
  • Are cell delays increasing with increasing temperature and decreasing supply voltage?
  • Checks routability requirements on cell terminals, e.g.:
  • Can all pins be routed in first-metal?
  • Checks functionality descriptions, e.g.:
  • Is a reset pin active-low in SPICE, Verilog, and .lib files?
  • Checks layout representations, e.g.:
  • Does the LEF abstract correctly cover the layout view?
  • Do all cells abut?
  • Checks can be coded by end-users in popular scripting languages, e.g.:
  • Tcheck on presence and contents of cell- or pin-properties?
  • Verify that certain pins are located correctly within a cell?

User Friendliness

Crossfire offers a low usage threshold for QA checks by an elaborate user interface which allows for all checks tbe graphically controlled. For regression testing purposes, batch execution is supported.

Issues reported by Crossfire all come with extensive explanation and are immediately highlighted in the source-data. This directs users directly tthe root cause of the error.

Crossfire Datasheet